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MinikeGirlThe blog continues, and now it is soon time to start work on my next song in the studio. It feels really big fun. Now that I have my Webmaster so it’s even easier for me to get time to go together. I have time to focus on what I want done in a completely different way.

It is important for me to have people with me on my trip that I can rely on and who know what they are doing. They have time and they understand what I mean. They are strong in themselves and able to take quick decisions. They put up with my impulsiveness. I keep hard at it as I want to force both the blog and my music. Sometimes someone comes with a proposal about change, and then I can be very nervous but that is because my blog and my music means so much to me. They are also income-generating and that means that  my son  and I can live better. 

A real proof that one is not at all out on the wrong path just because you make music and blogs. Many think that it is not a real job but I see it as it is. That said I’m also working on jobs where I have the role to highlight the people and give them the tools that they can use to feel better in their everyday lives. We can all of us in everyday life and it is important to see the people where they are  located. When you question why people are capable of things at a certain time, but not right now it can give very bad energy. Especially if you yourself are fighting every day to curb their own mental health. You are yourself aware that it goes up and down all the time with what man is capable of and not. So the question you all the time so I feel that you get bad energy in it that works and even that it is getting bad energy on the big picture.

I have ended up right in between and it is hard but I have built up myself and I accept that this is the way I work. When it is good it is very good and when it is not so good, everything works well anyway. For I am no longer what I feel when things are not feels good, but I focus on that I know that it is only temporary. Will, and question me when it does not feel good despite my science. I feel many times that it would be much easier if I had stayed in my slump for then-challenged, not so much. Then you avoid the other people’s whining every time they have a slump. You wont get this. But there are people who don’t understand this with how it is to live with mental illness. It is just that it is still difficult for me to handle to be questioned every time I fall. Is there any one that has a strong safety net so am I but then I have to get to work alone when I fall. It is so difficult for some people to let other people be alone. It must not be left alone take my work with me longer. So congratulations to all of you that makes my case even deeper and then question this. So laughable 😀 I know exactly how it works, do you not 😀

 A shame with all the ignorance but the only thing I can do is just continue to be me so clearly 😀 . When I becomes irritated  it is  me that  is seen and heard and then challenged, even when a part can’t see their part in it all. So it just goes round and round. Important is that I do in these situations is to think about what people said to me who understands. Their sentences do I fill in my thoughts and they go round and round and it keeps me in good shape. Don’t forget to listen to the people on a healthy way to understand you as an individual. Those people are so valuable. Don’t forget to listen to your own self. People who clearly proves that they don’t need you, and have time with you anymore. Learn to live without them you might not need them either. I have done that and I feel an inner peace. It has done that I can focus better on the people that I get more exchange of where I am right now in my life. Where what I give is appreciated and where it is healthier relationships.
It is easier to have people around  that are a bit on the same level. I have changed a lot and I’m very focused on it as I do all the time. I understand that it may not so exchange to maintain previous relationships with me as they once were, but to seek out people who are on the same level. A real eye-opener last month but now in the end, it has opened up many new doors for me.  The main thing is that all feel good. It is really important so instead of chasing it like it was, so I’ll look forward to the future instead. Took a bit of time and effort for me to understand but now I am free 😀
Take Care Of Each Other 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀 

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