These days are wonderful :)

Yesterday evening, so checked my son and I in the movie it was a good movie.  Also made good food last night. 

Have been taking some time off now a few days from my walks. It feels good despite a bit of restlessness. It is fortunate that I have a lot of other things to do  😛 

Today so it will be a quiet day here and it feels nice and harmonious. These days are wonderful. 

Keeps amazing routines here at home and usually make the evening here at a great time to unwind and to cope the day after. We usually eat and watch movies and then sleep. It is a good rounding off in the evening and my son learn good English of the movies, I have noticed. Really good at pronunciation, and he has a good English vocabulary. There, he received praise for in his school. 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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