My Stepmachine


It has been good with my test to start exercising again and I feel better now that I have started. Many of you new readers wondering what it is that I train when I’m talking about training. I try to train strength and endurance because I think it is a good combination as my body feels good out and it is fun exercise. I have my stepmachine  but in order to get better results so I have a small and a larger stepmachine. Here is the picture of my big stepmachine :-P. It is horribly tedious, but not the actual training itself but to my machines squeal lots. It sounds like you’re doing something completely different. It interferes with my focus very much when I exercise, so today I’m going to tighten the screws properly. A screw has at one point in the past even gone off in the middle, straight with proper speed flown away across the room. Lucky I did not hit by it for it had done really hurt . I had been training a lot over a period of time before the screw went off in the middle, so I was really strong in the legs 😀 

It has been good training now the last couple of days so I am more than satisfied. Today I have been on the walk but my lovely friend and we went really far, as usual. Was still no more than about 7500 steps. Walking is nice, and then it is easier to work when you come home. I live by the more the structure now of days and I have good discipline on me when I both train and work from home. It is easy to compare with how fit you once were. I have been a big fit a time in their life and I want to go back there. It helps, of course, not me bragging that I’ve been without it is about living in the present and decide how I want it today. I was more fitter for a long time then helps the not my health today I need the maintain the body. I’ve been wild when I was younger and the other not been it does not really matter, because it is what I do today. It is important for me to do what I can to live a healthy life. We like sports in my family and I’ll catch up with and be able to do sports with my son so it’s more fun if I have the stamina and a good health I can. I compare always with myself and what I am accustomed to cope and manage.

Will work with my music now, later today, and it is with a song that is different than what you heard in the past. I like to vary the style and I have the ability to make different songs, each song has its own character. Will be interesting to see what you will think about my other song , which is about to be released. I myself know what it means to me so clearly.

Now I’ll grab it as I have to work on this today 😀
Many Hugs from MinikeGirl  😀 

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