I can’t be without writing on my blog :)

Haha, I can’t be without writing on my blog. My surf is over and I’m waiting on the new internet which will be much better. So I went and borrowed a friend’s computer. It is possible, of course, that blogging from your phone, but I felt I needed to write on a computer nowadays.

Recorded another one of my new songs which is really fun. Now I’ve started on the next song. I like it when it is just to continue to work then I have a good pace. Took a walk yesterday  when I felt that I needed to get out and move around a bit for it to become very still seated work for me. It was not so big, nice weather, felt good though. 

Now in the weekend I will write on more of my upcoming songs. I have planned for now when I want to release my music the next time. I see all the time how long it approximately will take. It will not be before 2018, but then it is free again Haha. I intend to let it be the christmas and new year first. When I have time to be done with it, as I shall also  😛 

I’ll soon go and buy some food for it takes a bit more now when I eat my new medications. The medicine works pretty well but I’m very black under the eyes, and has some annoying side effects. Hopefully they will go away with time. So it is just to stand out  🙂 

So now I am fine to leave the back of my friend’s computer well throughout his room. I am a real blog enthusiast so I have occupied a whole room. Typical me haha  😈 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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