I do the best I can :)

It is what is good when I write on several tracks at the same time, I can switch between them. Today, I applied on my song that I’ll record in musicstudio the next time. Then all of a sudden, there were some new stuff that I’ll have with you on the song then I got a completely new feel to how I want the song. Really so fun and it is a challenge for me as I will be adding. I recorded it as I made new and has been really fun for me, when I listened to my recording. I know that it will be good to be me  😛 

I have now finished the first week with my new medicine and it goes pretty good but will get better with time. So now I focus on writing on my music as much as I can and to also rest when I need it. 

So now in the afternoon, so I slow down the tempo a bit because I want to do anything that I want to be able tomorrow. The days become a little different now and it works good, I think. I know where I’m going and that it is a little tough in the beginning only. I do the best I can make of the days so I’m happy.

There is a lot of work and I look forward so much to the day when you will get to hear my new music  😛 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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