Just because not many have the ability to see my balance in life does not mean that my balance does not exist

Today I had to take it easy, which is needed sometimes. So I have arranged to sort some clothes. It is good to get it done for then it is easier to find the clothes that I use the most. Now it is time to bring out some warmer clothes. As long as I don’t freeze so I do not think that it is a hassle with the winter, however, I like summer the most.

Tonight, I will see on a series that I follow  😛 

I have many things I want to do now in the future so therefore it is extra important to take my breaks. Thinking of how I want the year 2019 and I will strive to achieve my future goals.

At last the end of the year so I had so many plans for the new year and 2018. It was not at all as I had imagine or that I had planned. My will in much was shattered. Before the new year 2019 so I have personal reasons, and made a new agreement with myself.

I will not go into what I have decided more than that I will continue to make music so clearly in 2019. I will also write on this blog. Work out, I will always do for it is something that I have always done. What other people think about how and what I do regarding these 3 things that I do is nothing that is going to affect it negatively. Many people have asked me last year if both work, my music and the blog and my training. I have politely responded to their questions and it has often stopped by my answers have then used against me. This is a very, very negative way and in an underlying disbelief in that I have control on what I’m doing. It doesn’t matter how good I say I am or how good my training has gone. The most I all the time get back is that I don’t have control on it as I do, and those who wondered have had all the answers on how I are supposed to do. They know so much better than me and how I work that I sometimes wonder how they have learned everything. For me it has taken giant a long time to finally know who I am and what I want. See where I have been in life and look at me today. 
I have very good balance in my life so disbelief is not my experience and my abilities. I thought not of myself when I was younger. Now when I do it and is confident and has a good balance in my everyday life. So mistrust me not. Most of the time, which some people think is weird regarding me will be the stranger following their own speculations about why I live as I do. Why I do things differently than what they do. The answer is that everything that I do and do not do is carefully thought out and tried and tested way of living based on my own life experiences. It is difficult to explain to people who do not have the ability to understand my deep I and my way of thinking. It is often those who are wondering and those who then themselves will big good way for me to feel better in something that they will never understand. I’m tired of giving a response which is then thrown back at me in the hope that other people will save me with their clever solutions to me.
Just because not many have the ability to see my balance in life does not mean that my balance does not exist. On the contrary, it is just too complicated for people who do not possess the knowledge to understand. The most important thing is that I have my knowledge of how I feel the best. 
Take Care Of Each Other 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 



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