Wrestling can be a fight in the morning with yourself :)

MinikeGirl singer songwriter

Now I have sat and worked on my music all morning. The day started with that I barely got myself out of bed and when I feel that way then I usually go up so that my son is going to school. After that, I usually these days go and rest a little and then go up. This is for me to cope with the day more. Today, I went against myself and drank coffee because I want to still defy my chronic fatigue. I often feel in the morning how the body is. So it has been a good morning and I have gotten very much done.

I’m now resting the brain for a while and try to unwind a bit. It is very important to gather new energy. When I make music, so I listen and practice and write at the same time, and it takes on the forces. It is of course even I after a while get tired of singing and to work with one and the same song all the time. This prevents the I by working with several tracks at the same time.

I am more than satisfied with the morning’s music work. It feels extra good when my baseline for the day was not to my advantage. My will is very strong and it feels strangely good to sometimes wrestle with myself to get there as I want to. Wrestling can be a fight in the morning with yourself  😛 

The phenomenon we all know, more or less, depending on how we work hihi  🙂 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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