Summer begins when it is Midsummer :)

In Sweden we celebrate midsummer. I have chosen to celebrate the very quiet, which is usually my choice at the holidays. But I feel the best of it and is quite happy to have it quiet. Today I have slept a bit longer in the morning which is really lovely. For me, it feels like summer begins when it is midsummer, and not at all that half the summer has been. My son is on the adventure and have big fun. So this weekend I am free.
Wish you all a HAPPY MIDSUMMER 😛
I have started to work on my summer work now, where I usually work in the summer, but where I also stand as a stand in person. It feels really inspiring and good. I love it and think it is a very rewarding job to work with people.
Big fun that so many of you listen and follow me on Spotify. I am so grateful and glad that you hang out with me on my music journey. Here are my 12 songs and I have more on the way :

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl img_20170510_085134.jpg 😛








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