My Many Lovely Friends :)

img_20170510_085134.jpgReally lovely and great day for I agree to clean up and arrange all the clothes. It is certainly needed these days and I think it is fun. Got the kitchen floor cleaned the other day so now it is just to continue. I take it as I have time and it is quite depending on how much as I can every day. But I like to have a good routine on the days no matter what it is. A routine that is tailor-made for me takes less energy and then I can do more. That is why I am careful to distribute my energy right, because it is much more limited than what a lot of people understand.

You look almost only to me when I have been drinking coffee and judge me accordingly. Many of you know also how I function when the coffee does not help or when the effect disappears after a couple of hours in the day and I become extremely tired. But it doesn’t stop me from balancing on to do the most I can do. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth all of the time and keep that balance as I do with my energy. But I want to give all that I can and for me so it gets to live a little half do not squeeze out what goes of me.

Sometimes it becomes very good and it is about all the time to rest and stay up so that I keep good balance of everything. Right now, it is a lot for me but in a good way and in a good balance that is sustainable in the long run. The longer the time that I get things to work without having to stop my gears, the stronger becomes the whole of this ship. It is tough to live as I do, but it is at the same time liberating, and nothing is anything without the other.
Think about working out all these abilities that I have. I take the slow but sure even further forward in my quest against all of my future goals. It is gratifying that all the time to be so stubborn even when I encounter various adversities of life. It is gratifying that all the time I can collect myself after all the times that I shattered. Piece by piece I build myself all the time, stronger and I find all the time new ways to manage everyday Life.

 I know where I have put the time and effort. Spiritually and with compassion and love. But sometimes, when I need to think more on myself so I notice the people who accept my choice. I notice who stays and who pulls away. For me, there’s nothing in it for I know where I’m going and it is not possible to get caught up in other people’s decisions, but it is that I need to make my own decisions based on each situation that may arise. In some cases it has gone so far that I don’t even bother me anymore. It also appears other people who are better than me. I have known this for so long now that I draws me away from all these people to do. I need to take care of my energy. It takes extra hard when there are people like me in spite of all the people I know anyway, been me the closest. Then turns this faster than the wind but it is not I who made that decision. This just makes me stronger in myself and I respect other people choices. It would be absolutely crazy not to respect the choice of others. I accept other people choices. I also have the power to do what is best for me, and after a long period of that I have been thinking that I have made my decision on very well. One of them is obvious 😛 

 It feels so funny for I really have so many lovely friends and we have so much and many plans in the pipeline for It is all between the regular trips that are planned for the full and it is also a bit of business travel. I am really so happy of all my inspiring friends that you mean more than diamonds for me. I am very excited for everything we will do together now in the future. The funny thing is that I wonder how and what I should plan first. It will in all cases be an overseas trip with my son and with some other friends of mine who also has children. Because I and my son will travel with others who like to plan in good time in the future that I need to sit down and start planning all the fun haha 🙂 .  It feels great fun is everything and it is good to have things to look forward to while I’m doing other things hihi 😛 

Everything will be carefully planned and I have my work now in the summer. One thing at a time is a good idea to Think 🙂 
Take Care Of Each Other
 Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 😛 

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