It warms my heart to see how far we have taken us through life

Have slept really well last night and right now, I hold on to wake up to. There is some paperwork that I need to get the order of which I will arrange today. Also need structure and work on the internet. But otherwise today so I will be working with my music. So it is to do all the time, and the more I work the better everything becomes. Therefore it is important to plan well the entire time and be able to think long-term. I would like to do everything I can myself. It’s a little bit scary, I think, to hire and to entrust the responsibility for my activities to other people and companies. I want to know what happens all the time in everything that I do. It is very important to me. I also know that it takes a little longer everything I plan when I do everything by myself but then it may take the extra time. I have the people I need around me in my work with the blog and the music that I need. They stand close to me and know how I operate. 

I sit and work a lot online and I try out what works and what does not. I think it is very interesting. It has taken me a big to a long time before I began to use Pinterest. I have actually not taken before how I like making music and that blogs would be able to utilize Pinterest in the best way. Every time that I tried to learn Pinterest, so it was not so great  😛 But now I’ve figured out how I’ll do there haha  😛 

Each extra kind of thing that I add will be an extra task for me to plan into my schedule. In a way, so I create a temporary more work for me but in the long term it will do more and more of itself. I think it is fun to do everything and it is very interesting. A lot of work requires that I have a neat and tidy everything is and that is where it is important that the healing time to work away the paperwork that occurs. The more I develop my blog and the more my music that I do is spread the more the work around. I try to blog and music should go hand in hand and join in the development that is taking place. But some moments I have more to do with the music and other moments so I have more to do with my blog. Still think I have a good balance of everything. It feels like I’m starting to get a better balance on the whole and that it is really worth to sit and work those extra hours to reach to my goals. 

Have had amazing conversations with many of my friends now in the recent times. We support each other and we are happy for other’s success. It warms my heart to see how far we have taken us through life. We live in our dreams and we are targeted. But what pleases me most is that despite the fact that we are many who have had it very tough in life, we have always taken us through everything. We are real fighters and I am so proud of my friends. I am so grateful to all my fellow human beings. What’s awesome is that I have had a really big tough now last year. There has been much around that I haven’t been able to do anything about. I have learned some new strategies in order to cope with these things that I can’t do anything about. Everything is a process of life and for me it is about all the time to work not to fall so deep when I fall. Sometimes it is difficult to prevent when it gets to be too much. My life strategies is now so strong that I can resist to actually end up in these depressions. What is all of this that I can’t do anything about will always be so. Therefore, I develop all the time new and stronger strategies to deal with everything in a good way. Last year as I have in all the turmoil got so many new people in my vicinity that I can trust. Good relationships have been even better. There is so much love and friendship that really has gotten stronger bond. You understand that whatever happens as it is always doing the best in even the most difficult situations.

I honor you all my friends who are by my side. I honor you all who have died. You are with me every day and I feel it in my heart and in my soul. Sit and be so grateful that I can actually be of things now-a-days is something that I haven’t even been able to imagine is magical. I never thought that I would get to experience the peace and quiet. I never thought that I would get to feel the inner peace here on earth. So I will continue to do what I love and I will continue to be grateful for everything. 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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